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Who We Are.

Whitespaces is a Nigerian based start-up lab/creative agency.
Whitespaces develops affordable and innovative technological solutions to everyday problems across diverse industries. We also specialise in providing creative and cost effective web, mobile apps development solutions and Company Branding.


Our Service Offering


Urbanwalls is a world-class design agency, With our designs, we simplify complex processes to promote clarities to consumers at a glance and help send the message and the best form of advertisement any business can have, word of mouth.
Service offering includes;

  • logo designs
  • Brand identity designs
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Product packaging (Food packaging, retail packaging, cosmetics packaging, book cover, Beverage packaging etc)

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We provide the most affordable office packages to individuals, small and growing businesses in Nigeria Our flexible solutions include business address and call handling services, hot desks and meeting rooms, mail/parcel forwarding, Business registration

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DROPHIVE is a ‘financial discipline’ platform. It is a saving application that encourages individuals to save effortlessly from the comfort of their room.
This platform helps our subscribers enjoy the serenity that comes with the financial risk management of day-to-day saving.
With us, you can be assured to save for a future set goal.

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Qualify provides affordable access to the best certification courses, partnering with top organizations to offer courses online.
Check us out at qualify.com.ng.

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